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This is an organization that is committed to empowering and transforming people to discover their purpose and to optimize their gifts and calling in life.

We help people who have dreams or are not sure of their dreams to identify and use them to fulfill their life purpose.

At Dreamers Coach, we help people get off the trade mill associated with busyness in life, evaluate their lifestyle, encourage them dream again while making them accountable in the process.

We are Professionals who invest in our clienteles’ future and help them discover where God is actively working in their lives and help them partner with Him. This we do through our one-on- one coaching clinics using such media as telephone, personal interviews or Skype. We also organize Group coaching where we offer work place trainings and seminars to motivate and boost productivity of staff and professional groups.

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Who is a Life Coach?

The word Coaching has been misunderstood and to the ordinary man it means a lot and is used interchangeably to mean other similar vocations like Consulting, Mentoring, Counseling etc.

Coaching came from the word "Coach" In the 1950s, the word "Coach" described a horse drawn vehicle that carry people from where they are to where they want to be. Later big buses or train with seats that carry people were also called Coaches.
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George Unogu

George Unogu is a Pastor and a Teacher of the word of God with the mandate to help people rise up to optimize their lives and fulfill destiny. He has been in ministry for over 20 years.

A Certified professional Life Transformational Coach through Dream Releaser Coaching (DRC) Atlanta USA under the tutelage of Dr. Sam Chand, he is the Chief Steward at "Dreamer's Coach", an organization that is committed to empowering and transforming people to
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