May 2, 2016
October 23, 2017
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 I am George Unogu a life purpose Coach , I will help you articulate, add value, and monetize your dreams so you can earn the appropriate income that you desire.
I am positioning my self to helping you answer that question you may be embarrassed to ask others because you may think it will make you to look stupid.
I know you are not alone because many have asked me the same question and that is “who is an author and why should I write a book”.

An author is an originator of any written work or who gives existence to anything .
An author is slightly different from just a writer. A writer writes articles, books etc. but an author writes his own ideas.

An author has four main purposes for writing namely:
1) To persuade or convince people about a subject (Persuasive )
2) To recount an event ( Narrative)
3)To describe or tell people about something or a subject (Descriptive)
4)To inform people ( Expository)

You may have any or all of these reasons for writing but do not know how to express them.
I want to help you and let you know that there are so many good reasons why you should write that book “Now”.

1. Writing a book is the fastest means of passing your ideas across the globe. Your book can either be paper book, e- book or audio book and these are very useful depending on the user and can give you a very viable platform and voice from wherever you are. The barrier of physical movement is removed because your book can reach climes where you cannot without the immigration requirements. Consequently your book can inspire many across the globe. Moreover now we are in the information age where people have multiple devices ( phones, tablets, kindles,IPad, etc ). There are over 6 billion people on earth and an  increasing number of  about 3.5 billion have one form of electronic device or the other.

2. Writing a book will give you an expert status. It will make you an authority on that subject. It does not mean you know all about that subject but it conveys on you the status of a serious and dedicated voice on the subject matter and people will naturally come to you for solutions on that subject. The word authority and Master came from the word “author” which confers credibility on a person.
3. Your book will be a source of passive income. This is an income that comes to you anytime of the day. It is also called a leveraged income because it is not directly connected to your everyday occupational effort but it is the income from the work you did earlier but you are getting paid over an over thus you are making money while you are doing something else. This confers on you “Time and Location Freedom”
4. Doors of business can be opened for you because of your book. Your book will generate leads which can later attract paying customers. It can increase your network by bringing you in contact with other authors or business owners. Speaking engagement opportunities can also be opened to you to speak on the topic of your book or other related subject and these will increase your credibility and visibility.
5. It will break the limitation of depending on the traditional publishers who take up to 12 months or more to publish a book when compared to self publishing which is easier and faster.

Do not neglect this phenomenal time we are in – the Information age,
A time where your book  can reach any body any where and this will make you a WORLD  PROBLEM SOLVER.
Please do not allow fear hinder you from providing that solution the world is waiting for.
To help those who want to write a book or those who have but do not know how to monetize them, I will be launching a course soon titled “HOW TO WRITE, PUBLISH , LAUNCH AND MONETIZE YOUR BOOK IN 90 DAYS OR LESS. I will want you to sign up when the time comes to enjoy DISCOUNTS FOR EARLY BIRDS.

I have also designed free tools that can make you choose “ Catchy Topic for that book or Generate a good book idea”
Please sign up for it by clicking on my website www.dreamerscoach.com Register and download  my Free contents I have for you.


Coach George

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